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Using the original, tried and tested tube applicator system PhD is the safest wax system, reducing the possibility of cross contamination between clients.

The very best hot wax is used for intimate waxing for a more comfortable and affective treatment.

*20% discount with any leg & bikini wax together.

Eyebrow wax                                                                                                               £9

Lip                                                                                                                                 £8

​Chin                                                                                                                         £8.50

Lip & Chin                                                                                                                  £12

Sides of face                                                                                                              £10

Underarm                                                                                                                  £10

Forearm                                                                                                                £12.50

Full arm                                                                                                                      £15

1/2 leg                                                                                                                         £15

3/4 leg                                                                                                                         £18

Full leg                                                                                                                        £22

Bikini regular (using hot wax)                                                                                 £14

Bikini extended ( using hot wax)                                                                            £16

Brazilian (using hot wax)                                                                                         £24

Hollywood (using hot wax)                                                                                      £28



Electrolysis has the longest know track record for the most effective results for hair removal. Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair through the means of a probe or needle inserted into the hair follicle and realises heat to destroy the blood supply to the follicle.

Consultation                                                                                                             Free

5 minutes                                                                                                                   £10

10 minutes                                                                                                                 £14

15 minutes                                                                                                                 £16

20 minutes                                                                                                                 £18

The Little Beauty Salon eye treatments by Amy Little lash tints last extentions. The Little Beauty Salon Shoreham


Patch test required at least 24 hours prior to tints, lifts & lash extension.

Eyelash Tint                                                                                                                £14

Eyebrow Tint                                                                                                                £9

Eyelash & Brow Tint                                                                                                  £18

Eyebrow Shape                                                                                                            £9

Eyebrow Shape & Tint                                                                                         £16.50

Eyebrow Shape & Eyelash Tint                                                                                £20

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint & Shape                                                                       £25

Eyebrow Definition                                                                                                   £25

A 7 step procedure including consultation, tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading, trimming & finishing off with eyebrow powder. *Patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

Lash & Tint Lift                                                                                                           £35


Classic Eyelash Extensions Full set                                                                         £55

Eyelash extensions that last up to 8-12 weeks with regular maintenance, providing thickness and length to natural eyelashes thus enhancing the charm and appeal of your eyes.

Half set/corners                                                                                                         £35

Classic Infills (every 2-3 weeks)                                                                               £25

Removal                                                                                                                      £15

Russian Layering Eyelash Extensions                                                                    £75

Russian Infill                                                                                                               £35

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions                                                                                      £65

Hybrid Infill                                                                                                                £30



Threading is a temporary hair removal technique used mostly on eyebrows, as well as the upper lip, cheeks and chin. Get great shape and definition for your eyebrows with this ancient Eastern technique. 

Eyebrows, Lip Chin, Sides of Face                                                          £10 per area

All above areas                                                                                                          £30



The Little Beauty Salon facials and make up by Amy Little, PRIORI anti aging. The Little Beauty Salon owned by Amy Little Shoreham By Sea West Sussex

Essentials Facial 25 mins                                                                                         £25

Essentials Facial 55mins                                                                                          £38

(includes massage, steam & extractions)                                                             

SkinBase Mircrodermabrasion Facials

Microdermabraion 55 mins                                                                                    £32

Microdermabrasion 55 mins

(including massage & mask)                                                                                   £43


Dermaplaning                                                                                                           £35

Dermaplaning Luxury                                                                                              £45

(includes massage & mask)

LED Light Therapy - Add on to any facial                                                              £10

Beauty treatments for young ladies up to 12 years old by Amy Little of the Little Beauty Salon Shoreham By Sea.


Treatments for young ladies 12 years and younger.

Little Manicure                                                                                                         £12

Little Pedicure                                                                                                          £16

Little Facial                                                                                                                £20

Eyebrow Shape                                                                                                           £7

1/2 leg wax                                                                                                                £12

Ear Piercing                                                                                                               £20

The Little Beauty Salon hands and feet manicure and pedicure Bio Sculpture Gel by Amy Little, Acrylic nails, the little beauty salon shoreham West Sussex


Manicure & Pedicure

Using the very best OPI lacquers *add £2 for French polish.

File & polish fingers                                                                                                 £10

Essentials Manicure                                                                                                 £18

(scrub, file, cuticle work, massage, paint)                                    

​Luxury Spa Manicure                                                                                               £21

(scrub, file, cuticle work, mask, mitts, massage, paint)                 

Paraffin wax Manicure                                                                                            £26

(scrub, file, cuticle work, massage, paraffin, paint) 

Gentleman's Manicure                                                                                            £15

(scrub, cut/file,cuticle work, massage, buff)                     

File & polish toes                                                                                                      £12

Essentials Pedicure                                                                                                  £25

(soak, scrub, cut/file,cuticle work, foot file, massage,paint)                      

Luxury Spa Pedicure                                                                                                £28

(soak, scrub, cut/file, cuticle work, foot file, mask, mitts, massage, paint)

Paraffin wax Pedicure                                                                                             £32

(soak, scrub, cut/file, cuticle work, foot file, massage, paraffin, paint)

Callus peel hard skin removal Pedicure                                                               £35

(soak, cut/file, cuticle work, hard skin removal, heal balm, paint)


OPI Colour Gel

OPI Gel Colour delivers 14 days of flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero drying time and no nail damage.


Fingers or Toes                                                                                                         £25

Gel Toes & Pedicure                                                                                                £35

Removal and nail tidy                                                                                              £15

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture is a durable gel that is applied as an overlay on to natural nail by a qualified nail technician. The gel is then cured under a UV/LED light to give that strong, flexible, glossy finish which lasts for 2-3 weeks. It soaks off easily without damage to nails.

Overlays fingers or toes                                                                                           £25

Overlay removal and mini manicure                                                                    £15

(free prior to new set)                                                


Single nail overlay/repair                                                                                          £5

The Little Beauty Salon massage and tanning by Amy Little owner of the Little Beauty Salon Shoreham By Sea. Fake Bake tanning



Regular Swedish body massages uses sweet almond oil, aromatherapy massages uses pre blended aromatherpy oils.

Back, neck and shoulders 30mins                                                                         £25

Back, neck, shoulders & scalp 45mins                                                                  £30

Full body massage 1hour                                                                                       £38

Full body massage including scalp & feet 1hour 15mins                                  £42

Aromatherapy massage including scalp & feet 1hour 15mins                        £46

Indian Head Massage 30 mins                                                                              £30

Full body scrub & moisturise 30mins                                                                   £25


Lava Bambu Massage

Eastern tradition meets the latest in hot massage therapy with Lava Bambū. Experience immediate stress relief as the Bambū Zen stick irons out and stretches away muscle tension while the continuous heat delivers a profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing. The Bambū Zen stick is kneaded and rolled over the body to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. The entire body will benefit from the dynamic deep pressure techniques which not only relax aching and overworked muscles, but also remove toxins and aid the breakdown of cellulite. A treatment for anyone who wants to feel relaxed, uplifted and energised.


Lava Bambu Back 30mins                                                                                       £35

Lava Bambu Full Body 1hour                                                                                 £48


Beauty treatments for young ladies up to 12 years old by Amy Little of the Little Beauty Salon Shoreham By Sea.
LIPO ANGEL - Face & Body
Lipo Angel Body

Instant fat reduction without the need for surgery. Lipo Angel quickly and painlessly breaks down fat, removes cellulite and lifts and tones your skin using advanced ultrasound technology.

You could lose up to 2 inches in just one 45 minute treatment with Lipo Angel, no diet on earth can do that!


Ultra Sound Cavitation & Radio Frequency                                                         £65

(Fat removal, skin tightening & toning)


Radio Frequency                                                                                                      £45

(Skin tightening, toning & cellulite removal)


Lipo Angel Face

The Lipo Angel system not only reduces waistlines it reduces wrinkles too!

Using micro lifting and photon skin rejuvenating technology we can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve acne, sagging skin, scars, stretch marks and more!


Photon Light Therapy

Helps skin concerns like acne, rosacea, pigmentation, wrinkles.

Add on supplement to any facial or body treatment £10 (10mins) or £1 per minute (minimum of 10mins)


Bio Micro Current Lifting Facial 45 minutes                                                       £40

Bio Micro Current Lift Facial 1 hour (including massage & mask)                  £55

Ultimate Face  (includes lifting, Microdermabrasion massage & Mask)        £65

Ultimate Face Plus (as above plus Photon Light Therapy)                               £75

Beauty treatments for young ladies up to 12 years old by Amy Little of the Little Beauty Salon Shoreham By Sea.
Amy Little Semi Permanent Make Up Artist - COMING SOON

Gift Vouchers available.

Payments by cash and credit/debit cards only.

Any cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours' notice, cancellations under 24 hours there will be a charge of 50%, no shows will incur a 100% charge.